How Do I Join?

So, at this point you may be asking yourself, "how do I join the club?" 


Joining is the easy part. The question is do you have the time to dedicate to training and can you be committed to training this incredible animal or these incredible animals?

The club meets once a week but inevitably it will be up to you to follow through and train during the week. 


"You will get out of your dog (s) what you put into your dog(s)."


This is NOT an 8 week obedience class. We train until the dog(s) are too old to do the work any more. It will not only be a time commitment but a financial one as well.


It is a lifestyle. It is blood, sweat and tears. It is celebrating achievements and supporting your other teammates. It is showing up to training even if your dog is injured or sick just so you can continue learning and helping your fellow teammates out with their training. It is spending whole weekends at trials and seminars. It is giving up a whole day of your weekend to train.


These dogs are athletes and any athlete or athletic team must be committed and dedicated.

It is creating a bond with your dog(s) that no words can describe.

If you think you can do this then by all means, we encourage you to contact us using the Contact submission form and get started on journey that not only your dog will benefit from but that you will as well.

Once you hit send, we will get in touch with you to get you and your dog(s)on the path to becoming a member of our Schutzhund Club.

A trained dog is a happy dog!

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