Mission Statement

1.) To provide a professional, positive, friendly and supportive environment in which to train our dogs in the three disciplines of Schutzhund/ IPO: tracking, obedience and protection work.
2.) To provide you with a fair and honest evaluation of your dog in regards to its ability to participate in Schutzhund/ IPO.
3.) To promote the use of working dogs for Schutzhund/ IPO, police, or search and rescue.
4.) To support the movements that demonstrates the advantages of Schutzhund/ IPO; to support and organize trials for Schutzhund/ IPO.
5.) To support the use of working dogs by police departments, search and rescue and the military.
6.) To interest and educate the public about Schutzhund/ IPO, police use of K-9's and search and rescue training.
7.) To preserve the German Shepherd Dog in accordance with the breed standard as a working dog, to promote humane training methods for the working dog and to promote responsible dog ownership and breeding practices.

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